April 01, 2016

Washington, D.C. – OXUS GROUP is in talks with top U.S. and international providers of higher education in preparation to open the OXUS Leadership Academy in Kabul dedicated to enhance the professional capabilities and skillsets of Afghan government and private sector officials.

OXUS management says that during the initial phase of the Leadership Academy services will only be available to institutional clients with focused training solutions emphasizing specific organizational needs.  The OXUS Leadership Academy will bring together renowned professors expert at helping governments and private institutions build critical leadership and workforce skills in essential functional areas to improve the quality and efficiency of government and corporate services.

On the topic of the Leadership Academy, OXUS CEO, Mr. Assad Mattin said, “Our decision to form the OXUS Leadership Academy is a response to the great need for the development of professional capabilities of individuals, so they can be of better service to their organizations.  The Resolute Support’s train, advise and assist mission focus highlights this existential knowledge gap.  We envision the OXUS Leadership Academy as a meaningful path for our company to support Afghan government and private sectors leaders in building more effective, efficient, accountable, transparent, and sustainable organizations.”


OXUS GROUP brings together the knowledge and experience required to enable our clients to succeed in government-funded contracts or private sector projects in Afghanistan and other markets in the region. The OXUS team’s areas of expertise include: government solutions, capacity building and training, technology services and solutions, business development, community engagement.

For more information please contact us at info@oxuscorp.com.