December 15, 2016

Washington, D.C. – OXUS Group is proud to announce that it was the recipient of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce’s Best Afghan-American Business of 2016 award.

OXUS Group has served the U.S. Departments of Defense, Commerce and Justice as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies. As prime contractor on substantial U.S. government projects in Afghanistan, OXUS has developed exceptional capacity to successfully lead and deliver on critical and complex projects in austere environments in all 34 Afghan provinces. With OXUS, clients benefit from proven program management experience along with established policies, procedures and lessons learned to ensure flawless execution as expected by international organizations. OXUS’ Afghanistan operation is supported by the OXUS office in Washington, D.C., which includes contract law, financial, management and business development experts. OXUS’ Washington, D.C. team serves as an added supervisory layer to all OXUS projects in Afghanistan to ensure full oversight and accountability of performance.

OXUS Group offers effective consulting, management, and technical solutions for the Professional Development, Information Technology, Infrastructure Development, and Governing sectors to both the Government and the Private Sector. OXUS’ uniquely-qualified local market capabilities enable seamless execution of high-impact, multi-component projects with effective quality controls. Our extensive presence throughout Afghanistan plus professional network, both domestic and international, enables us to quickly deploy high quality personnel to support a broad range of projects — even in the most challenging locations.


OXUS GROUP brings together the knowledge and experience required to enable our clients to succeed in government-funded contracts or private sector projects in Afghanistan and other markets in the region. The OXUS team’s areas of expertise include: government solutions, capacity building and training, technology services and solutions, business development, community engagement.

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