Government programs require specialized technical skills, disciplined program management and strict contract compliance

OXUS Group brings unparalleled capability to effectively provide complex solutions to governments through a combination of local and international expertise across all required disciplines. This balanced combination of talent results in highly innovative, complete, and compliant solutions for our clients.

OXUS Group was created by leaders experienced in Afghanistan’s complex political and national security environment, with native level understanding of language, cultural, economic and social issues combined with western education

OXUS Group senior advisors serve as a bridge to western diplomatic and military missions, and international organizations. They work closely with our technical teams to provide guidance and support, helping the teams integrate effectively with their counterparts in ministries, as they introduce new ideas, new approaches, and new systems to enhance client success.

Delivering Government Solutions in Afghanistan can be challenging.  OXUS is uniquely positioned to bring the necessary technical expertise to Afghanistan to support any Government program.

We have a proven ability to recruit and support Western and other International experts through our vast network of international corporate relationships.

Effective, proven project management is the cornerstone of any successful Government program

OXUS Group provides certified program and project managers for a variety of missions ranging in size and complexity. We offer the critical Program Management Office backbone required to bring programs and projects the expected level of consistency, transparency and process control to insure contract compliant solutions.

Our qualified program and project managers are distinguished with deep familiarity in the operational environment and experienced in relevant project scopes. Accordingly, at OXUS, we go beyond delivering within budget and on-time. Our effective and efficient program management processes focus on quality control, open communication, and stringent planning for excellent performance. We continuously seek process improvement through examining resource alignments and activity timeline to accelerate achieving client objectives and strategies.

Our full range of Government Solutions include:

Planning & Policy

Capacity Building
& Training

Operations &
Maintenance Services

Expert Advisory & Consulting

Technology Services
& Solutions